3, 2, 1 action!

Finally! I can't believe this day is finally here. I've been working so SO hard this past couple of weeks that I thought they where never going to end. Hello beauty sleep, I've never missed you so much, please don't ever leave me again. 

When I decided to close my shop a month ago I did so honestly because I was bored. Bored to death with my job and in desperate need of some reconnecting with myself and what I love. And yes, I did a lot of that. but at the same time I felt the urge to do something that even in a tiny bit, still resembled work. I got to study designers and their styles and techniques made me even more aware of my own style and technique. I was flooded with ideas and I now NEEDED to work. 

I had the greatest time designing and testing my memory skills. Honestly I can't keep a CSS code on my mind for longer than 4 seconds and that kills me. Thank God for cheat sheets! Even if mine is one big fat mess of something that used to be CSS. I learned so much along the way and felt inspired every single second that it amazes me how much my brain grows -in knowledge- when I'm creating. Yes, even last night when I was rushing to finish a million things with a back ache and 100% sure I wanted to give up.

I feel so proud of everything that I've accomplished! I so hope that you feel the same way about what I'm doing. So please feel free to ignore my 3am ramblings and take a look around my blog's new design! Let me know how you feel. Its always nice to hear feedback from the things that you work so hard on. Also remember to click on the Premade and Custom tags on top to see more of what's been keeping me so far away from my bed late at night for the past month. I miss sleep! and my bed! and cuddling with my man. 

Lastly, don't miss the 10% discount we are offering to people buying directly from this website instead of Etsy (sorry Etsy buyers!). Discounts are applied over all marked prices and no code is necessary.

I think that's it! So if you'll excuse me I'm going to go rekindle my love affair with my bed. Ah, bliss!