What I'm loving this week | one

*Photo source unknown

This is what's been inspiring me lately:

1. An easy How-To guide for being transformed by books. -Seriously take a look-
2. This lovely manifesto, because we all need to stand out sometimes.
3. The prettiest DIY project! Who knew Party Hat Necklaces where that easy to make?
4. This lovely lady and her gorgeous beauty blog that makes me want to get up and play with makeup.
5. Let's get real with our feelings. Love, relationships, self-worth and a lovely letter.
6. The always amazing Naomi Davis sharing a little bit of her days with her kiddos over at Small Fry Blog.
7.  Oh Happy Day! has got to be one of my favorite blogs ever. I can't get enough.
8. A mouth watering feature of Call me Cupcake on Aileen's blog At Home With Love.
9. The most amazing corky house I've ever laid eyes on. Featured on my last post.

What's inspiring you this week friends? Please feel free to share your source of inspiration for this week on a comment below.
Happy weekend!