I've been working on some branding

I had the fortune of working with some lovely ladies that contacted me a couple of months ago about developing a brand and logo for a new business they were in the middle of developing. 

This is what Maria Teresa, one of the ladies and co-founder of the line told me about it:
11:11 Los Angeles is founded by Andrea & Maite in Los Angeles, California. They both fell in love with the LA life and were constantly inspired by the style and essence that is seen in LA. In 2011 they decided to team up and create 11:11 Los Angeles a brand that would be launched in Lima, Peru their native country. 11:11 Los Angeles will specialize on contemporary women’s apparel and accessories, for fashion forward savvy women. Andrea and Maite share a fresh and fearless aesthetic. They believe in individuality, creating perfect timeless & effortless fashion pieces.
 So off I went brainstorming and came up with a simple but powerful concept. Black and white were the colors agreed on that would make the logo bold and fierce and a clean looking font with enough power to stand out by its own. We did a couple of corrections on the font and placing and we we're done! 

I had such an amazing time working with these awesome ladies and continue to be amazed at everything that they are doing (on their own) and everything they've accomplished in such a short time. So thank you so much Andrea and Maite for letting me help you grow your already amazing brand and I'm excited to see where this journey is going to take you.

If you want to know more about 11:11 Los Angeles or want to keep in touch with to get the inside scoop please follow them on Facebook11:11 Los Angeles Facebook and make sure to follow their instagram account to find out more about whats going on behind the scenes and other goodness at @1111losangeles.

Ps. How gorgeous is their model? I mean geez louise I sure wish I looked like her ;)