My favorite corner of the world wide web

A couple of months ago I had the fortune to discover a website that pretty much changed my life. -Dramatic huh?- I'm talking about Spoon Fork Bacon, a site pretty much dedicated to food and photography. As a mother of a small kiddo I sure need all the help and inspiration in the world to create fun and healthy food that the little one will actually eat and that's where Jenny Park and Teri Fisher co-creators of this awesome website come in with their gorgeous food and flawless styling. They secretly make me want to be a food photographer and learn about that craft but who am I kidding? I would eat all the food before I could get my camera out to shoot.

They have a ver wide range of recipes that go from fancy party appetizers to fun, easy displays that could easily appeal to kids (I mean Pizza Wheels, really?! I'm in love). But more importantly I can pick and chose between their repertoire depending on how much time and effort I'm able to put into the meal of the day which being honest is not a whole lot these days. Working mammas can I get an amen?

This website seriously made my internal foodie squeal of joy so please go take a look. I promise you won't be disappointed. Spoon Fork Bacon is THE shizzle.

*I've been thinking about turning this little section into a weekly series where I'll feature some of my favorite websites and share a little about why I like them so much. I'll include some fashion, lifestyle, food, illustration etc. Let me know if you would be interested in this on a comment down below!

*This post is not sponsored. I really truly love this great website and all of it's beautiful recipes. If I where to sponsor a post I, of course, would  state it at the end of the post following the FTC guidelines. I would never lie to my readers. 
So that's that.