Daydreaming of...

Every year about this time I start to daydream about travelling and this year is no different. My mind started to wonder and ended up in this pretty hotel.

Denmark is obviously well known for its amazing design so it's no surprise that almost every hotel there is avant guarde, and colourful. That's why the Hotel Alexandra caught my eye. It is the only retro design hotel located in the heart of Copenhaguen next to the Tivoli Gardens. Decorated with  classic pieces, 1950's and 60's furniture, leather, framed prints and posters and lots and lots of white, this place is practically my dream home. 

Imagine to wake up to one of these rooms every morning. Sip a cup of coffee by the window overlooking the Town Hall Square and then sit on a leather couch and read a book. Sounds like my dream life too!