Thoughts on faith and my work on Pinterest.

Sometimes I can't even grasp the power of words. Some of us have mantras, some use mottos, others just choose to believe and be inspired but to think that people live by, shape or base their lives on words in mind blowing. Faith is an amazing thing.

About a year and a half ago I was given an assignment in school to study and immerse myself in a different culture, religion or lifestyle. One I'd never experienced before but always secretly wanted to be a part of, even for just one day. I chose to get involved with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints since a couple of months before I crossed paths at school with a mormon boy that pretty much changed my life.

Now my work was handed in 4 months after this happened and today, 16202 repins and 80 comments later, this little quote has sparked one of the most interesting debates i've seen online. It's amazing to me to see how we all read the same words, however everyone seems to have such a different opinion. How some took it personally and others just thought it was a "good quote".  Some people think its a matter of faith, others of principles and some plain disagree.

Today I received and email from a man I've never met. He told me that he changed his life around because these words touched his heart and soul. I never even knew that words could have such a deep effect on people. And I feel so honoured that my little quote thingy affected someone's life that much. I'm honoured that so many people have seen this quote and that some decided to actively participate on the little forum that's going on there. I'm happy I received that email today and I'm thankful for stories like that.