Baby Haul

So we've been all feeling a little under the weather around here for the last couple of weeks. But last week it suddenly the broke out and turned into severe ear and throat infection, food poisoning and the flu. I can't even begin to tell you how miserable we were. We had to take turns taking each other for a couple of days when the boy called in sick and after that it was all me during working hours. To top it all off (because that's not enough right?) the weather was at its shittiest and was raining and crazy windy so the option of going out was pretty much banned. Yes people, we stayed indoors for a whopping 7 straight days and by the end of it we where bouncing off walls and doing/saying some crazy stuff. I've never experienced cabin fever so badly before and OH.MY.GOSH. I'm so glad it's done.

We didn't do much over the weekend either though we did go out for a bit on Saturday while it was sunny and warm in the afternoon and then was back to the nasty weather so by monday morning I decided we needed to get out no matter what. No joke, I thought of every bad scenario and they all sounded better than staying in. So off we went to the mall (the great outdoors huh? at least we were out of the house) for a little mother-daughter time.

As soon as we got to the mall I could feel my whole mindset change. I felt better and brighter and happier and turned over to catch my little one with her beautiful eyes wide open soaking it all in. We went to a toy store, flipped though books and magazines, eat a double chocolate cookie and decided we needed to do some shopping.

The little red satchel we bought at Zara Baby and the mustard bow at a little jewellery shop at 50% off, how cute are they? Then it was mama's turn and we headed over to MAC where I bought the loveliest nude lipstick I've been eyeing for a while now. It seems that it's been raved about everywhere (beauty gurus on youtube and I guess it's/was Miley Cyrus favorite shade, not that I'm a fan of hers or anything but for all of you Hannah Montana fans... there you go). So that was exciting to cross of my list.* I also got MAC's pro long-wear concelaer which is my HG concealer. I'm a NC35 in their foundation but got a NC30 to cover and highlight a little bit and blah blah blah I'm sorry about all this nobody-cares-information but I sure love me some makeup.

Anyways besides the shopping which is always nice, it was so nice and pleasant to soak up the sun take a long walk and just hang out with the little one. She sure is a handful when we go out but normally has a great attitude and is a great companion too. I sure wish I could spend every day like this, more than anything but that's not going to happen soon so I treasure this little outings even more and long for them like there's no tomorrow.

How was your weekend? and since we are already mid-week, what are your plans for this upcoming one?

*Yes people I actually have a MAC lipstick wishlist that is well over 15 shades now