Hint Hint, guys!

Let's speak the truth ladies. There's always an excuse to pamper ourselves and NEVER under any circumstances will a gift not be appreciated and well received. Especially if you happen to be a mother. After lots and lots of long days picking up after the kiddo, folding clothes for hours on end and finding old cereal everywhere I look after I clearly spent the last two hours sweeping the only thing I personally want to do is relax and enjoy the hell out of the most mundane things. I go online and cruise around shops like net-a-porter, Kate Spade and Neiman Marcus and daydream about owning maybe half of all the stuff I see. Granted I would probably never wear some of what I see there but it's always nice to have that option. I mean come on, the woman that says she doesn't do that is totally lying.

So today I thought I'd help you out. You might want to save this image and "accidentally" text it to your clueless Mr, or save it in that special Pinterest board that screams WISHLIST to ensure you're not going to get kitchen appliances for mother's day (How annoying is that by the way? Except if you like baking and cooking and stuff. In that case I guess it's fine. Not that I know). Or maybe you'll find the motivation you'll need to treat yourself to something nice for this special date.

In any case this is what the world's best mom deserves (Aren't we all? *wink wink*)

1. This adorable silk floral blouse from Amrag. Because you have to look super stylish while you pick cheerios out of your hair right?

2. THE best lipstick ever. I love red and pink shades from chanel lipsticks. So classy and grown up.

3. Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs had the regular housewife in mind when he designed it. After all you have to hide the lack of deodorant /shower when you go out in a rush with a screaming toddler.

4. A comfy pair of strappy sandals are a mom's best friend.

5. My personal favorite makeup item besides foundation is marcara. When I don't have time to go through my makeup routine I go for those two items. Why wouldn't you want to feel like a million bucks while you change diapers?

6. Last but not least. A scented candle I've been lusting over. Because there's no better scenario after the kids are asleep than a quiet house, a yummy smell and a good book. 

It's not a bad thing to splurge in yourself or have the Mr. splurge in you from time to time. Being a super woman isn't easy and we deserve it ladies! 

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