I've been working... *HARD*!

So, a lot of things happened during this last few months. A lot of hard, heart breaking things seemed to happen all the time. In the mean time I had work, and lots of it. I had the honor of being contacted by Hannah of Fancy, Fun & Free Me. She wanted a blog make over and I was trying to get things behind and focus on work. We hit it off real fast and had the type of communication that you have with people you already know. I felt really really comfortable during this entire process and was pleased to know that she was really supportive, understanding and encouraging of everything that was going on.

I decided to work EXTRA on a special design for Hannah and I think we accomplished something great here. We created something intimate and feminine that I actually loved. I'm over the top happy with this project.

Thank you Hannah for being such an amazing customer and all around great person!

Ps. Please visit Hannah's etsy shop Hanmade for some shabby chic fabulousness and drop by her blog because she has a lot of things in store for all of you.