These are a few of my favorite things

*All images found via Pinterest

Happy late Valentines to you all, how was your day? I got to spend some time with my girlie and headed out for a fancy dinner/movie date night with my man and today we're re making my pink pancake recipe for breakfast because, why not? I'm so happy that I got to spend this special day with my two favorite people!

Besides my little family these are some of my favorite things:

To think about: Theres nothing more inspiring that coming across a nice quote when you need it the most. This week has been pretty rough to say the least but pretty words like that can make my mood make a 180 degree spin and make me feel so much better!
To wear: Atlantic-Pacific does it again! I swear this woman is my fashion soulmate. Every time I see her new outfit I think "Ahh! Why didn't I think about that before?"
To decorate: Everyone that knows me is aware of my undying love for all things ombré. I know I know that trend is so last season for a lot of you but in my heart it is still going strong.
To party: I find balloons to be so "meh" lately. Same boring colors for the same boring parties. I sure would love to have pretty balloons like that floating around my house every day of the week. Gold makes me happy.
To eat: Almost to pretty to eat it right? A cake is always a great way to say I love you and this one just screams it. I love the romantic feel the flowers and all that pink give to it.

What are your favorite things right now?