The online alt summit crowd

Well yes, it's me, one of the people who didn't get the chance to go to Alt summit this time. One of those people that live very far away, and don't really have the time to travel for a long weekend to a gorgeous hotel on a gorgeous snowy city. I didn't have to go through outfit selection (that knowing me would've been a week long affair), didn't get to meet some cool bloggers (i'm probably too shy for that anyways), and didn't get to meet Jessica Alba but guess what? I had an awesome time at Alt Summit this past weekend.

'But you just said that you didn't go!'
 I didn't. But thanks to the magic of the internet I was kind of there and most importantly I learned a whole lot. This year I was determined to get the most out of the opportunities presented by this cool group of people and I did. I signed up for 3 of the 4 free online classes and just went at it.

I got to learn about advertising and sponsorship on blogs, for brands and for individuals from the amazing and talented creator of Passionfruit ads. That class was so interesting! So much stuff I didn't think of.

The next day sadly I was late to a class due to some scheduling problems but I got to review the notes and talk to people that where there and I still got what I wanted.

Later that day I attended "Please like me". A class about social media and blogging. The teacher? The amazing Natalie Bowman from This was by far my favorite class. I actually didn't expect much because I use mainly Instagram, Pinterest and this blog as tools for my business and keep my twitter personal and just for friends and family. I learned so so much from what she said. She really knows her stuff. I started applying most of what she said a brand should do and try to read the notes I took as much as possible and I already see the positive results.

But the single most important thing I learned this weekend si that creating community really does matter and I got to witness and be a part of it. Seriously, I went to that first class super shy and conscious about not knowing a lot of people in the bloggy world but I left with a ton of new friends and an inbox full of kind words. I got to meet so many great people, explore and follow some great blogs and will continue to do so for a long time. 

I've already stablished great relations with some of the attendees and even email back and forward with some girls several times a day. I've helped a couple of people and received help from others too!

All in all I'm really grateful for what I got to experience this past weekend and for all the people I met.

If you want for me to share my notes with you please leave a comment below of email me at foxarrowdesign {at} gmail dot com

Also, a big THANK YOU to every single person that has helped me out by reading, sharing and emailing me about my last post. THANK YOU so so much to every single person that purchased something, donated money and sent prayers. I urge to to continue doing so and helping them in any way you can.