A few favorites!

I'm somewhat of a pretend shopper. I'm constantly looking for things I like, clothes I'd wear and furniture for my pretend dream home but never actually buy anything. I guess I'm more of a DIY kind of girl. I have a pretty defined sense of style. Even though I love white (actually love is an understatement), I'm a big fan of bold prints, colours and kiddy illustration. 

1. When I saw that little linen pinafore made by Sir Tom on Etsy my heart almost stopped. I hoped it was Amelia's size and was so bummed out to see it wasn't -Stop growing so fast baby!- That print is so pretty and fun!

2. The little chevron and deer journals are sold on Target and I like that you don't have to spend tons of money to get something pretty. These are perfect for me. I'm obsessed with all things stationery. I love paper design so so much!

3. Svenskt Tenn is an awesome interior design shop located in Stockholm and it's one of my favorite shops to browse online. I've always admired Swedish design because its unapologetically bold but so minimal at the same time. They make this amazing cushion with the most wonderful print. I love the colors and leafs.

4. My love for children's illustrations is what sparked my love for Donna Wilson. I LOVE everything that she makes and admire her style so much. I've been lusting over her Fox Plate for forever and I'm finally convincing myself. I think that going to be my next purchase!

5. Last but not least the most adorable sweater that i've ever laid eyes on. Sold on ouef nyc, it's also on my Christmas gift list for Amelia ;)

 This are some of the things that inspire me. What are some of your favorite items around?