hi 2014!


Now that the year is rapidly coming to an end I've been running around like a headless chicken trying to get everything ready to start the next year relaxed, organized and confident with my game plan. I'm sure that people who know me are aware of my planner obsession (I can't even function without one) and I REALLY take planning seriously. Think color coding, alphabetising, sticker coding and the whole nerd shebang, that's me.

I've been writing everything down on a piece of paper for the last 3 months because I couldn't find a planner that was exactly how I needed it to be and it's been a disaster. I am 100% sure that's why I've had the slowest couple of months in years lately. I can't seem to get everything in one place and I just forget to do things because I can't really see what needs to be done and what things are a priority. I've been loosing my mind and feel my brain and my whole body becoming lazy with everyday that goes by. I confess I haven't had one ultra productive day in weeks!

It seems to me that I was just prepping to launch my new collection weeks ago when in reality it's been a few months now, and now suddenly it's christmas and I need to get a million projects going for next year. I decided I needed to try and solve this situation. I tried using Evernote, Google calendar, even a sticky notepad and nothing worked so I took it upon myself to get through this year no matter what and look for a planner that would keep me from falling into this deorganized whole I've been living in.

This are my top picks:
1. Blue Sky's Sugar paper black confetti planner because who doesn't love a black planner with a twist?
2. Kikki.K Large Daily Planner is so pretty to look at.
3. The Simplified Planner by Emily Ley is THE most perfect, functional, inspiring, planner i've ever come across in all of my stationery loving life. Seriously kids, it's amazing and Emily's story is so inspiring. I browsed for hours and found that the has some hardcore fans and I could totally relate. She redesigned this years planner and is better than ever. I snatched this on CyberMonday morning while she was having a great discount but sadly it is sold out now. She will be restocking mid-december I think so there's your last chance!
4. Kate Spade 17 Month Planner is great! I mean look at that design. It screams Kate Spade. (Sold out on Kate Spade's website but constantly restocked over at bloomingdales so be sure to check that out)

As a bonus I just had to feature 2 other planners. They are different and serve to 2 different types of people.
5. Julia Kostreva's 2014 daily planner is so minimal and fun for the person that doesn't have a bunch of things to attend to and is looking for something simpler.
6. Whitney English's Day Designer Planner. Now I've been coveting this little one for years but sadly the shipping is a little over the top for international orders ($50, while the Simplified planner was just $24 for shipping) It is great for designers and other freelancers to really give a little more though about where do they want their business to go. It makes you focus on goal setting, project developing and prioritising. 

I will be sharing a post about how I color code my planner and stay on top of things with my planner later on.

What do you use to stay organised?

*This post does NOT contain affiliate links. I'm just sharing my honest opinion about something that is important for me.