A little update

Now that I have my new computer and am super stocked to be back at work, I will be focusing my time and efforts into turning in projects I had pending and developing some concepts I've been working on for a while now. My mind is racing with ideas and so much needs to be done. I will fully update my shop in no more than two weeks and will retire some oldies to bring in the new.

I will be sharing a couple ideas and previews here so you can let me know what you think!

Also a big thank you to every single person that I've had the fortune to work with in the past 8 months since I opened my shop. 8 months -WOW- I can't even believe how time flew by. I feel like it was a month ago that I was racing, nervous and trying to figure how Etsy worked. But I also feel like it's been such a long time and had the opportunity to have enough time to work on some amazing projects and meet wonderful people. So thank you everyone that supported this projects since the beginning. I never imagines being able to do what I love, from my home and share it all here on the world wide web!

I will be updating the blog regularly and will let you know if anything happens.

Have a lovely day!